Thursday, April 5, 2007

Home Foreclosures - What future?

Home foreclosures and the home lending crisis are very much in the public mind right now, or at least they should be. A housing crisis on its own is not a pretty thing as anyone who has lived through one knows. But the present subprime crisis is taking place in the context of other economic forces that many suggest, should home foreclosures continue unabated the consequences for not only the US economy, but for the Global economy would be dire indeed.

My intention for this blog is to act as a clearing house for the many strands of opinion and analysis on these questions. Subprime home loans are only one aspect of a complex picture. To see a macro appreciation of this there is probably no better place to begin than the Global European Anticipation Bulletin which looks at all the global trends that impact each other and which situates the US home lending crisis in the context of international economic forces.

On each post here I will be bringing you links to other items I have researched. It has been my practice daily for some time to use Google News to track what's being said not only in the MSM but among the market commentator blogs. This is extremely time consuming and you may as well have the results of mine rather than duplicate the effort yourself.