Monday, April 16, 2007

Credit Suisse Mar 12 2007 Mortgage and Housing

The Credit Suisse research report, Mortgage Liquidity du Jour: Underestimated No More, is a must-read for anyone who wants a thorough look at the US Housing Market. The report considers the deteriorating conditions in the mortgage market and their effects on the homebuilding industry and the resale-homes market, indicating that problems are not restricted to the subprime area or entry-level housing only.

The report considers recent trends in the prime, Alt-A and subprime markets and summarizes current guideline and regulatory changes and their effect in contracting the mortgage market further. The conclusion drawn is that tightening liquidity puts current builder inventory backlogs in further jeopardy.

Looking at the performance of current mortgages and the impact on new home sales it estimates that there are approximately 565,000 homes in the foreclosure process and goes on to consider possible projections of the effect on new and existing home sales, concluding that 50% of the subprime market is at risk of default.

The pdf report can be downloaded at Bill Cara's site where there is also a detailed commentary.