Saturday, April 7, 2007

Features added today

I've added some new features. Note especially the News Feed at bottom of page. I will do some placement redesign when I have the opportunity to get this to the top but it will involve a severe (for me) change in my template. Who said Blogger For Dummies? The topics I've set up for the feed should deliver items of interest to anyone finding this blog relevant. I've included Home Foreclosures, the Subprime Crisis, the Economy and China Trade Relations to begin with.

I've also added Google Adsense. Hopefully the ads will bear some semblance to the blog topics.

It is almost impossible to avoid having a US-centric orientation when we think of news. Worse still is the West-centric orientation which really obstructs appreciating the extent to which Global relationships and trading patterns have changed. I highly recommend paying attention to Asian commentary if only to get that sense of looking in from the outside of the box. Shortly I will put up some links to those Asian publications I have found of value.


Anonymous said...

Your blog appears very timely. Looking forward to future visits.