Sunday, November 11, 2007

Global Systemic Crisis - GEAB Update

The Global European Anticipation Bulletin No.18, Seven sequences of the impact phase of the global systemic crisis (2007-2009), is now available. This publication offers possibly the finest analysis of the big picture of the economic crisis to be found. Although a subscription item, there's an intriguing extract available without charge.

Here is the full scope of the current issue:

This public announcement provides the full description of the first sequence in addition to the complete list of sequences.
  • Sequence 1 - US debts infect the financial planet: A century after the « Russian loans”, meet the “American debts”!
  • Sequence 2 - Stock market collapse, in Asia and the US mainly: between - 60% and -30% in two years according to the regions
  • Sequence 3 - Bursting of global housing bubbles: UK, Spain, France and emerging countries
  • Sequence 4 - Monetary storm: Volatility at the highest / USD at the lowest
  • Sequence 5 - Global economy in stagflation: Recessflation in the US, soft growth in Europe, recession
  • Sequence 6 - « Very Great Depression » in the US, social unrest and the militaries' growing influence on public affairs
  • Sequence 7 - Major acceleration in world's strategic rebuilding, attacks on Iran, Israel on the brink, Mid-eastern chaos, energy crisis
The free extract is titled: Sequence 1 – US debts infect the financial planet: A century after the 'Russian loans', meet the 'American debts' (2nd quarter 2007 – 3rd quarter 2008).

As noted in a previous post, the position of GEAB is that the US is headed for a 'Very Great Depression' as an outmoded international economic order meets condition it was never designed for. Since the prognoses have shown an unusual accuracy to date it is well worth putting this site in your Bookmarks.